Biological inventory/ecological analysis-"Natura 2000" marine sites (France)

Biological inventory/ecological analysis-

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Biological inventories and ecological analysis required to draw up target documents for "Natura 2000" marine sites: Lot 2 Gironde estuary Pertuis Charentais - Lot 3 Arcachon - Lot 4 Aquitaine except for Arcachon

Project date: 2010-2013

Customer: AGENCE DES AIRES MARINES PROTEGEES (French Agency for Marine Protected Areas)

Location: Aquitaine, Charente-Maritime

Reference 10007

Project Description

L’Agence des Aires Marines Protégées  (AAMP), French Agency for Marine Protected Areas, is a French public establishment dedicated to the marine environment. Its main function is to support public policies for creating protected marine spaces, running the network of protected marine spaces, allocating resources to Natural Marine Parks, participation in setting up Natura 2000 at sea and strengthening French potential in international negotiations on the sea.

Within the framework of its participation in setting up Natura 2000 at sea, the AAMP launched the "BIOLOGICAL INVENTORIES AND ECOLOGICAL ANALYSIS OF EXISTING INVENTORIES – NATURA 2000 AT SEA" contract. This work is intended to fill in the standard data form and the Natura 2000 Target Document for sites of community interest proposed by the European Union in reference to the 92/43/CEE Directive on Fauna and Flora Habitats. This contract includes 20 lots spread over the entire French metropolitan seaboard. Each lot contains one or several CIS or CISp (Community Interest Site project). These sites will then be managed by local colleagues (management boards).

CREOCEAN has won 3 lots from this contract, on the Gulf of Gascony seaboard:

- Gironde Estuary – Pertuis Charentais – Rochebonne plateau

- Arcachon Basin

- Aquitaine except for the Arcachon basin, including the sandy coastal sector to the right of Hourtin and the Basque coast.

CREOCEAN had the following roles:

  •  Management and coordination of a group of scientific experts, university students, other design offices and naturalist associations in order to guarantee that these nature and marine habitat quality inventories take place.
  •  Carrying out several geophysical and biological campaigns at sea and on the coastline,
  •  Helping data interpretation in order to draw up the habitat inventory, listed according to the nomenclature of the Habitat Specifications and according to Eunis, level 4.
  •  Participating in the diagnosis on the state of conservation with the intention of being classified as a 'sea ZNIEFF' (Natural zone of ecological interest, fauna and flora).

Services provided

  •  compilation of existing bibliographical data,
  •  preparation, organisation and implementation of campaigns at sea and on the coast,
  •  methodological adjustment of field reconnaissance and inertia photo-interpretations, in partnership with study group scientists,
  •  production of complementary data for sparsely documented areas, working with scientific experts,
  •  inventory and biological description of natural habitats and habitats for species,
  •  description of functional features of environments,
  •  identification of pressures and threats on habitats and species,
  •  evaluation of the state of conservation for habitats,
  •  production of the mapping base required to manage Natura 2000 sites at sea,
  •  proposals to identify possible ZNIEFF.

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