Our talents

We know that the most important asset that our company has is its people.

Doctor of Marine Geosciences, Technical Adviser Geosciences






"After a PhD in Marine Geosciences (thesis in 1999 and awarded the National Prize of Geophysics and Geodesy in 2000) and two post-docs, I got an engineering degree in marine engineering in 2003, when I joined CREOCEAN as marine geologist. Head of Mission on many surveys at sea, I am specialized in the acquisition, analysis and interpretation of geophysical data to meet different project needs.

I had the opportunity to travel but geophysical missions can be 24 hours-day missions with 12 hour shifts!  My passport has a lot of exotic countries stamps but I still spent a lot more time at Le Tréport than in Tahiti! In 2014, through my work, CREOCEAN won the Global Innovation Contest with MESSIDOR project. This project will develop a method to detect small metal-rich geological objects that are lost at average depths of 2000 m in the immensity of the ocean."

Technician in Oceanography, HSE Coordinator

"In October 2000, I joined CREOCEAN for an internship as technician and assistant engineer until June 2001 after obtaining my diploma of Advanced Technician in oceanography with a specialty in marine environment. This internship allowed me to get a permanent contract as Oceanography Advanced Technician. Over the years, my work has evolved. In 2003, I began to be integrated in international projects teams. In 2005, I became a professional diver which allowed me to participate to new projects. In 2010, I became the technical referent for all diving safety aspects . In 2012, I was appointed HSE (Health Safety Environment) coordinator and in 2013 technical referent with regard to diving part and video tools used on many projects."

Head of P.A.C.A. CORSICA Agency






"Head of PACA CORSICA CREOCEAN Agency based in La Seyne-sur-Mer (dept 83) since 2005, I am a university engineer specialized in physical oceanography and coastal management.

I work on quite varied studies reflecting CREOCEAN multi- disciplinary competences. This can range from purely oceanographic studies to the monitoring of the quality of the marine environment in terms of sea discharges or dredging. I may also complete studies on the successful integration of facilities on the coast or at sea. My role is also to promote the skills of the company in these regions. I also have the chance to manage a team of 5 people.

I am also, since early 2014, sales coordinator for French CREOCEAN agencies.
I love, in my work, combining human contact with highly technical and scientific aspects. I also like to be a teacher to our customers in order to promote and develop environmentally friendly projects on our beautiful Mediterranean shores."

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