Our team

In 2016, CREOCEAN employed more than sixty people of whom 40 are specialists in all fields of the marine environment.

Jean-Marc SORNIN is the Chief Executive Officer, assisted by Eric DUTRIEUX, Managing Director in charge of operations.
To tackle projects operationally, CREOCEAN has clearly defined the following fields of business, each run by a Project Director:

1 . Port and coastal planning (run by Georges CLAVERIE)
2 . Offshore projects (run by Michel COLINET)
3 . Environmental studies in the Atlantic, Channel and North Sea (run by Philippe GUIBERT)
4 . Environmental studies in the Mediterranean and Tropical zones (run by Sébastien THORIN)

CREOCEAN is organised to meet the requirements of a wide range of project types and sizes.
The projects are allocated to one of CREOCEAN's specialized fields, run by a Project Leader. This leader is directly responsible for implementing human resources and the material means to meet project targets. Experienced and qualified staff are therefore allocated tasks compatible with their field of expertise.


> a pool of experts and technicians that can be rallied throughout the world, namely:

• Oceanographers and specialists in marine hydrodynamics and digital modelling
• Engineers from marine, civil and inshore engineering
• Coastal planning engineers
• Marine biology engineers
• Marine ecology specialists
• Engineers working on integrated management of coastal and marine environments
• Geologists, sedimentologists and geophysicists
• Hydrobiologists
• Chemists
• Hydrography technicians specialising in data acquisition and processing
• Cartographers, graphic designers and draughtsmen
• Professional divers
• Cameramen and photographers

> but also a team of experienced assistants at headquarters and in the agencies, offering real support to the managers, study supervisors and project leaders.

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