R&D Project ElectroRemed – ENOVEO/CREOCEAN


ElectroRemed – ENOVEO/CREOCEAN : In situ bioremediation of contaminated coastal marine sediment by hydrocarbons

  • Context

There are numerous ports, industrial (refineries), coastal and lagoon sites polluted by hydrocarbons. The only known and effective way of treating these sites is to extract the material in order to treat polluted sediments on land or send them to landfills. These operations are very expensive and the contamination risk of adjacent media by extracting sediments is not negligible.

  •  Objective

The aim is to experiment with an innovative new technology for in situ bioremediation of contaminated marine sediments by hydrocarbons, with no risk for the surrounding environment since this technology does not require reworking sediments (curative, non-intrusive and sustainable technology).

  •  Principle

The principle is based on the stimulation of bacteria naturally present in sediments and capable of degrading hydrocarbons.The stimulation of bacteria is activated through the implantation of electrodes into the sediment, these electrodes serving as sources or electron acceptor, often limiting for the biodegradation of the pollutants.The process targets the biodegradation of PCBs and hydrocarbons, by reduction and oxidation (input from an electron acceptor), respectively.

  •  Project articulation

After a first phase of market research and freedom to operate, the project has reached a second phase of laboratory experimentation.

This is a pilot laboratory study (12 months) to test the process in land-based tanks supplied with seawater.

The objective is the electrodes dimensioning (electrode sizes and architectures, number and spacing).

The next phase will consist of testing the process on hydrocarbon contaminated port sites.

  • Partners

It is a partnership project between CREOCEAN (Coordination + field operations), ENOVEO (Electrochemistry, electrode development, contaminants analysis and bacterial populations) and EIFFAGE (industrial partner, port activity), with the support of the TOULON PROVENCE MEDITERRANEE port.

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