Start-up in March 2018 of the Franco-Italian cooperation project INTERREG "GRAMAS"


Creocean has just won a call for tenders launched in 2017, entitled:

« GRAMAS - Sistema di monitoraggio subacqueo per la previsione e la gestione dell’insabbiamento dei porti "GRAMAS "- "Monitoring and Management System for Prediction and Management of Ports" - "Underwater monitoring system for silting and port management"

The Partners: Authorità di Sistema Portale Mar Tirreno Settentrionale (Lead Partner), IRES Toscana, Port Authority of Savona, Port Authority of Piombino, Municipality of the Gulf of Saint Tropez Commune, Creocean.

The general objective of GRAMAS is to create a system for forecasting and monitoring bathymetric variations in Mediterranean ports. This system, thanks to the sensors and weather-graphic stations installed in the partner ports, will produce regularly updated 3D bathymetric maps and forecast data on the phenomena able to interfere with the variations of the water levels of the harbor basins.

Italy / France cross-border cooperation will be fundamental for the experimentation and validation of the GRAMAS monitoring system experienced in several ports with different characteristics.

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