Study of potentials marine renewable energies in New Caledonia

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PROJECT DATE: 2017 - 2018

LOCATION: New Caledonia


  • Existing data synthesis
  • Offshore wind potential
  • Tidal potential
  • Potential wave energy
  • Seas thermal energy potential
  • Potential for EMR development
  • Numerical modeling and energy potentials calculation


The renewable energies issue is a topic now clearly recognized for New Caledonia, with the autonomy active policy implementation by 2030 in the Sweet Energy use for domestic consumption; Marine Renewable Energy (RME) is one of the possible solutions; It is , therefore,necessary to identify from now on their potential on the territory. ENERCAL, a company (SAEM) for the production and distribution of electricity, wanted to study the main marine renewable energies potential throughout New Caledonia's coastal and maritime territory.

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