Another year on, we have made the most of the Grand Pavois boat show at La Rochelle to invite you to our information and discussion day along the following theme: "The impact of marine energy on the environment and development of coastal land"

The lightning pace of technological improvements allowing the marine environment to be used for energy production is arousing unprecedented passion along the French coastline. Aside from conflicts of use and occupation of the maritime domain, what is the real environmental impact likely to affect the natural environment?

Weighing up the Advantages/Disadvantages, where do the economic development aspects lie for the territories?

We made the most of this event for Yves GILLET, President, to present our KERAN Group's new identity, bringing together the following companies: SCE, CREOCEAN, NAOMIS and GROUPE HUIT.

The morning programme was as follows:

Mr Jean-François Fountaine, Mayor of La Rochelle and President of the City Community

Mr Christophe Le Visage, UICN: "Strategic assessment of the impact of RME on biodiversity - Recommendations"

Mr Thierry Dereux, France Nature Environnement: "Agreement during the launch of an RME project: how can we work with the associations?"

Mr Yann-Hervé De Roeck, France Energies Marines: "Presentation of Ghydro, methodological guide for marine turbine impact studies"

Mr Jean-Marie Loaec, EDF EN: "Agreement and approach to impact assessment for floating wind farm projects"

Mr Christophe Donnard and Mr Pierre Roca , Keran/ Créocéan and Sce: "Impact study for the offshore wind farm electrical connection in the Saint Brieuc zone"

Mr Jean Ballandras, Akuoenergy: "Inshore strategy managed by innovation in renewable marine energies"

Mr Yves Gillet, President of KERAN

Cocktail – Lunch - Discussions

We would like to offer our thanks to the 80 people who took part in this highly enriching morning session.

An article on our event featured in the "Le Marin" newspaper on 03 October 2014. You can download it from the link below.


Videos of all the presentations will soon be on our website !


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