"THE BRANDO" hotel - Design and monitoring of SWAC work

"THE BRANDO" hotel - Project ownership of the Seawater Air-Conditioning system (SWAC) using deep waters. Design and monitoring of the work

Project date: 2008-2011
Location: French Polynesia
Reference: 1083030

Project Description

Carrying out an air conditioning system using deep waters for "The Brando" hotel complex is currently envisaged on the Tetiaroa atoll. To date, environmental, geomorphological and technical specifications are mainly unknown or in the process of being acquired.

To do this, TBSA sought out a technical design office capable of coordinating, carrying out project studies and then monitoring work linked to pumping seawater for the SWAC.

Services provided

  • Pre-feasibility study
  • Data acquisition and interpretation
  • Meteo-oceanographic studies
  • Definition and characterisation of all facilities required for the air conditioning system (heat exchanger, incoming and outgoing water pipes, etc.) as well as monitoring and checking on implementation.

This project was complex, requiring multiple skills and good coordination.

The studies and work were run in specific conditions (remote and hostile environment).

Operations at sea involved constant working difficulties.

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