Characterization of the Haitian coastline


YEAR(S): 2018



  • Haitian coastline Geomorphological characterization
  • Geomorphological typology definition and Haitian coastline uses
  • Littoral geomorphological cartography realization


Aware of the need for Haiti to have a sustainable development policy in its coastal zone and a legal framework to ensure this policy implementation, the Interministerial Committee for Territorial Development (CIAT) wishes to define a legal and institutional framework of the coastline from past and ongoing experiences in the Great South (South, Nippes and Grand Anse) and elsewhere.
In this framework, it is planned a coastal law development that will consist of a measures set relating to the coastline protection and development, lake shores and major water bodies in connection with the sea.
As a preliminary to the coastal law development, it is essential to put the actors in the space to take into account into the legislation, its typology and to have a state of affairs dated from the space on which the legislation will cover.

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