COP 21: le « Plan Climat Energie » de la Polynésie Française


During six months, CREOCEAN French Polynesia assisted the Department of Energy in drafting its Climate Energy Plan (CEP). The CEP process is divided into several phases: diagnosis / inventory to identify issues constituting the basis of the strategy. The result is the operational goal of building an action program adapted to the territory, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, developing renewable energies and energy savings.


The consultation of stakeholders throughout the mission has contributed to the evolution of the proposed actions portfolio and to its validation, accompanied by its monitoring indicators. For this, more than 120 actors were together in participatory workshops or independently interviewed, 60 actions were submitted, resulting in the drafting of 28 action sheets validated and developed into operational stages, with clearly identified carriers and associated funding.

The final document was presented by the French Polynesia to COP21. CREOCEAN contributed significantly to the writing and the organization of the CEP co-construction workshops.

The CREOCEAN Pacific team also participated in the coordination of the book "L'état de l'environnement en polynésie française" (The State of the Environment in French Polynesia).

This document was delivered to the Ministry of Environment in Papeete (see other news October 2015) and will be used as a basis for future actions on the islands of various archipelagos of Polynesia.

These 2 documents can be downloaded using the links below

L'Etat de l'environnement en Polynésie Française


Plan Climat Energie en Polynésie Française



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