Corals transplantation in Ras Laffan and Halul Island (Qatar)

Corals transplantation in Ras Laffan and Halul Islands within the framework of installing underwater cables between Ras Laffan and Halul Island in QATAR,

Project date: 2013-2014
Location: QATAR
Reference: 130729

Project Description

Within the framework of grounding two underwater energy cables at Halul Island and in the port of Ras Laffan (Qatar), the environmental study described the presence of living corals within the project's marine footprint. As attenuation measures to promote coral reef conservation, LS Cable & Systems requested corals transplantation following recommendations from Qatar Petroleum and the Ministry of the Environment.

The main aim of the project was to move the corals located along the cable route.

Créocéan, leading this operation, organized and performed transplantation operations thanks to a team of experts from:

- Créocéan

- Seaventures

- Qatar Petroleum

- LS Cable & System

Services provided

  • Reconnaissance on site: marking the project area boundaries including sites where corals was removed and any where it was replaced.
  • Sampling: Corals selection in compliance with a Corals Management Plan
  • Transport: transfer of corals directly on to the ship's deck in covered pools
  • Re-implantation on the sea-bed substrate to create a coral reef
  • Marking the corals: in order to monitor the transplantation work's success, a representative amount of transplanted corals was labelled.
  • Surveillance of corals to obtain a set of reference data. The data is entered in a mathematical model to study and anticipate the future condition of colonies.

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