Multidisciplinary expertise

Creocean offers its multidisciplinary expertise, in France and abroad, to give a better understanding of the coastline and offshore marine environments. As a former subsidiary of IFREMER, Creocean is closely linked to scientific environments (CNRS, Universities, Engineering Schools, etc.) and continues to work on research and technological innovation.

We provide environmental recommendations for each project based on:

- conserving human and natural heritage: rare species, biodiversity and ecosystems, inshore and underwater landscapes,

- harmonious and lasting development of inshore and maritime activities: rational management of inshore and marine resources, conflicts of uses,

Alongside other companies in the Keran group (independent group employing 525 workers, turnover of €50M), we share a global approach to coastal and offshore planning projects. Together, we provide a complete offer, constantly striving for integrated, sustainable planning and management.

Our commitment

"Using our scientific culture and our oceanographic expertise, helping to develop coastal and maritime areas in harmony with their inhabitants and their natural environment."

Denis Valance, Chief Executive Officer

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