Creocean studies the fisheries ressources off Groix island


For the project aiming at installing large floating wind turbines off Groix, Creocean is carrying out a study aimed at deepening knowledge on the fisheries resources from the south of Groix Island to Lorient. Analysis of the bibliographic data is accompanied by measurements taken directly from the fishing vessels working in the sector: trawlers, hookers, trolling boats according to specific scientific protocols. The Creocean teams determine the caught species, measure, weigh and complete the statistics.

On January 14, a Telegramme journalist embarked in Lorient with the team composed of Enored Le Bourhis (Creocean, Nantes) and Cécile Pershon (Néréis, Nantes, Creocean partner on this study) on the trawler Le P'tit Jul II . Embarkation at 2am on the fishing port of Lorient, heavy sea, return at 11am.

The embarkations will continue during the year 2017 on different types of fishing vessels.

Please download the Telegramme internet article and view the video thanks to this link.

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