Creocean took part in European Researchers' Night


During the European Researchers' Night, organized by the University of Reunion Island on 27/09/2019, Isabel URBINA-BARETTO, who is currently doing a thesis in our Indian Ocean subsidiary, shared the results of 3D printing of one of the coral colonies that are part of the model base of her work.

This model will be used to support scientific outreach and awareness actions.

She participated in two workshops:

  • Bureau des histoires (3 objects are brought and the public must guess the subject of the research)
  • Exchange with the public after the documentary titled "Listening to the Europa Reef" (Corcopa mission in the south of the Mozambique Channel, on Europa Island); indeed, we have been able to make models of the coral landscapes of this island (map of reefs of more than 2000 m2!).
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