Environmental Studies - Skills and services

Heavily involved in discussions around Integrated Management of Coastal Zones and thanks to expertise developed over more than 20 years (the "Coastal Law" dating from 1986), this field has developed multidisciplinary skills related to knowledge of the wealth, sensitivity and operation of ecosystems prior to any decision to undertake work.

This requires knowledge and capability to work in the following sectors:

  • Protection of ecosystems,
  • Defining environmental goals,
  • Proposing scenarios,
  • Studying regulatory texts and how they apply to the marine field (coastal or offshore) 
  • Carrying out studies required to implant projects: prior environmental diagnosis, site research, in situ appraisal, impact or incidence study (Water Act, Natura 2000), risk and danger studies, etc.
  • Assessing activity and planning impact on the coastline and the sustainability of chosen solutions, either using comparative methods (with similar prior projects that had been monitored) or using predictive methods (featuring simulations or modelling)
  • Proposing and implementing support measures for envisaged impact (avoidance, reduction, compensation, surveillance and monitoring, etc.)

To do this, we have put together a team of experienced engineers and technicians, mainly marine biologists and ecologists (professional divers) who work with the multidisciplinary teams of skilled specialists in most of the disciplines involved in coastal management in terms of both land and sea: landscapers, town planners, economists, geographers, agronomists, ecologists, hydraulics experts, geologists, geophysicists, sedimentologists, biologists, chemists, geotechnicians, hydrobiologists, engineers and technicians, graphic designers.


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