France-Indonesia cooperation: Creocean was present !


As part of the renewal of decentralized cooperation between the City of La Rochelle and the town of Kendari (south-eastern Sulawesi province, Indonesia), the La Rochelle urban community invited local companies, including CREOCEAN (represented by Alexis Chappuis and Mehdi Dernouny), to join the delegation traveling to Indonesia (Jakarta / Kendari) on 29/03/2017 to present their activities and respond to the needs and expectations of the local municipality.

At the same time, the President of the French Republic, Mr François Hollande, was on an official visit in Jakarta to sign cooperation agreements in the maritime field with Indonesia.

CREOCEAN had the chance to join the discussions during the main event, namely the round table on maritime cooperation between Indonesia and France in the presence of the French President and the Indonesian Minister for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (Dr. (HC) Susi Pudjiastuti).

The round table was held at the KKP (Kementerian Kelautan dan Perikanan, Indonesian Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries) and the main discussions between the two official delegations focused on fisheries issues (including illegal fishing), port facilities and Renewable Marine Energies.

Then, La Rochelle delegation attended the speech of Mr. François Hollande in front of the French community in Jakarta, evoking the signing of the agreements between Indonesia and France.

On 30/03/2017, the delegation visited Kendari. The mayor of Kendari explained his ambitions (urban development, tourism, university) but also the environmental problems arising from his city's rapid expansion (sanitation and water supplies, pollution, sedimentation of the bay, decreases in fish resources). The Mayor of La Rochelle, Mr Fountaine, then introduced the French delegation and, among others, the activities of CREOCEAN.

On 31/03/2017, the delegation visited the Regional Development Planning Agency. CREOCEAN was able to present its activities to answer the environmental and tourist issues of Kendari.

On 1 and 2/04/2017, CREOCEAN had the opportunity to meet a local NGO and to visit some remarkable sites.

Alexis CHAPPUIS, representative of CREOCEAN in South-East Asia and Mehdi DERNOUNI, Research Engineer / Technical Referent in Marine Biology and Experimental Fisheries, represented CREOCEAN at this event.

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