Impact study concerning the development of the beach and the short-stay port of Saint-Louis town in Marie-Galante



LOCATION : Guadeloupe (France)


  • Technical and biological diagnosis of anchorages at the Light stop yachting port (HLP)
  • Marine and Coastal Environmental Diagnosis of St. Louis Bay


The tourist activity is Guadeloupe’s first economic sector. To remain attractive and attract more and more tourists, the Region has launched a vast operation to develop its beaches, including the St. Louis Bay. SEMAG, as delegated contracting authority, is in charge of the beach and the light stop yachting port (HLP) development of the Saint-Louis town in Marie-Galante. To carry out its project, it entrusted CREOCEAN, in 2017, with technical and biological diagnostic studies of the HLP anchorages at St. Louis and a marine and coastal environmental diagnosis of the St. Louis Bay.

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