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We know that the most important asset that our company has is its people.
Here are some examples!


Project Engineer, specialized in Coastal Engineering

"I have followed an unusual path since I obtained a diploma of high level sea technician, specialized in Marine Environment Engineering at INTECHMER and I continued with a third year Bachelor in Physical Oceanography at the University of Plymouth.

I work on a wide variety of services and that's what I like: diagnosis of beaches erosion and of the works conditions, definition of erosion hazards and marine submersion, design of protection works against erosion and marine submersion and design of soft engineering measures for beaches and dunes erosion, hazard assessment studies of protection against marine submersion, development of coastal risk management guidelines, etc."




Hervé and Pierrick
Field Technicians

Hervé: "I spend almost 6 months on the field, or on preparation for future missions.One of the advantages of international missions is of course the journey, the discovery of new landscapes, new countries. Most of the time, we do not see much of the country in which we are deployed, sometimes we only go from the airport  to the commercial port to board the chartered ship for offshore projects and reverse journey when the mission is over. I prefer missions in coastal areas that allow a little more discovery of the country and its culture, but in return, these missions are more tiring both morally and physically". 

Pierric: "For a year, I surveyed the North Sea to perform various missions of bathymetry, sonar surveys, detections of metal objects using magnetometers, etc ... I joined Creocean in August 2018 to know a new environment and get closer to La Rochelle, my adopted city. I like to dig my head to answer the problems of always different fields.No two projects are alike, there is always surprises (good or bad...), stressful situations to manage and it's something that I particularly like! "



Human Resources, Personnel Administration - Pilot Training & Quality HR Process

"I have a pivotal and consultative role for the 70 employees to accompany, I process information and coordinate it so that it is understood and accessible to all, and I also have a role of proximity with the management department to put into action the various topics related to human resources (training, recruitment, personnel administration ...). My priority is to make myself available, to listen and to provide advice to all employees. This requires above all to be very responsive. The key to success is knowing how to step back when necessary, and keep in mind that employees are the company's greatest asset."






Project Director, Specialist International Project Manager

"Doctor in Chemistry and Microbiology of water, I am in charge of developing international projects with public funders: foreign governments and multilateral development banks.
Arrived at Creocean in 1993, I created and managed the agency "CREOCEAN PACA-Corse" until 2003 before becoming Head of the International Business Development and of CREOCEAN Qatar (Doha) and Morocco (Casablanca) agencies.
Then from 2011 to 2013, I was responsible for CREOCEAN Pacific agencies in Punaauia (French Polynesia) and Nouméa (New Caledonia).
My commercial role is now to develop the diversity of the company's business with foreign public owners, mainly African, and if possible to include this development in a Keran Group strategy.
No field study was conducted as originally written. The satisfaction was to be able to solve / overcome each technical difficulty or human relationship! With time, only good vibrations remain. "



Engineer in charge of studies in marine and coastal environment (Channel-North Sea Agency).

"Holding a master's degree in biological oceanology from the University of Lille, I specialized during my training in benthic ecology and food web at Wimereux Marine Station and Agrocampus West.

Before joining Creocean, I worked in the "Cellule de Suivi du Littoral Normand" as a technician and engineer. The opportunity of a life led me to Terre Adélie, based on Dumont d'Urville for a wintering in Antarctica. As a marine biologist, I joined the MNHN (REVOLTA) and the LOCEAN laboratory (ICELIPIDS) teams.

I joined Creocean in June 2013 as a Project Engineer. Since November 2018, I have been responsible for the "English Channel-North Sea" agency. With the whole team, we are interested in all the Hauts-de-France (Northern region) and Normandy projects. The territory of Creocean being even larger, I was able to work on a wide variety of projects and with many colleagues: Brest, Hossegor, Port-La Nouvelle, Corsica and Guyana! At the beginning of 2020, I became the coordinator of the HSE unit: Safety, Health and Environment! ""



Specialized in marine biology and coastal development

"I have a professional Master in Oceanography, specializing in economics and environment. Behind this title, there is, above all, the desire to go beyond the context of pure marine biology and ecology, and to link the environment with uses of the coast.

I like to say that I am a Swiss army knife! I participate in a wide variety of projects: environmental monitoring, regulatory files for development projects, assistance to environmental project management, but also studies on territorial development or management as the writing of marine chapters of Concerted Territorial Planning Scheme or Coastal Planning Schemes ... I never get bored !"




Coral reefs and sea quality measurement specialist

"I am a senior sea technician with a Master of Advanced Studies on coral ecosystems. I am a professional diver and I have a state diving licence. Since 2008, I have been at the Creocean Pacific Agency after a first experience in Martinique, then in Monaco at the Scientific Center and at the Aquarium, where I was involved, among other things, in the multiplication of corals.

I fell in love with Polynesia at the end of my studies. I took care of the design and implementation of underwater trails, educational marine areas with the realization of sites ecological status and interventions with school children or management of ecotourism sites.

I organize and participate in field missions and in everything related to coral removal or reef restoration. As our agency is isolated with a maximum of time difference, we must be multi-skilled !"




Marine biologist and professional diver

"Following my PhD Thesis in Science: Biology of organisms and populations, I gained more than 15 years of experience in tropical marine environment (Indian Ocean, Tropical Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean) and Mediterranean.

Project Director at Creocean since 2015, and now Head of Creocean Caribbean Agency, I work on public tenders for Martinique and the Caribbean zone and I am involved in commercial development. I also try to be creative and offer to prime contractors innovative studies that can enrich the knowledge of coastal environments.

I study the characterization and monitoring of the state of health of the natural environment through the ecosystems study (seagrass beds, coral reefs) subjected to different pressures, and through the monitoring of the coral colonies transplanted by Creocean within the framework of compensatory measures for major works.

Currently, I characterize the Martinique beaches and their shoreline in order to contribute to the definition of the national indicator of coastal erosion."



Technician in Oceanography, HSE Coordinator

"In October 2000, I joined CREOCEAN for an internship as technician and assistant engineer until June 2001 after obtaining my diploma of Advanced Technician in oceanography with a specialty in marine environment. This internship allowed me to get a permanent contract as Oceanography Advanced Technician. Over the years, my work has evolved. In 2003, I began to be integrated in international projects teams. In 2005, I became a professional diver which allowed me to participate to new projects. In 2010, I became the technical referent for all diving safety aspects . In 2012, I was appointed HSE (Health Safety Environment) coordinator and in 2013 technical referent with regard to diving part and video tools used on many projects."






Head of P.A.C.A. CORSICA Agency

"Head of PACA CORSICA CREOCEAN Agency based in La Seyne-sur-Mer (dept 83) since 2005, I am a university engineer specialized in physical oceanography and coastal management.

I work on quite varied studies reflecting CREOCEAN multi- disciplinary competences. This can range from purely oceanographic studies to the monitoring of the quality of the marine environment in terms of sea discharges or dredging. I may also complete studies on the successful integration of facilities on the coast or at sea. My role is also to promote the skills of the company in these regions. I also have the chance to manage a team of 5 people.

I am also, since early 2014, sales coordinator for French CREOCEAN agencies.
I love, in my work, combining human contact with highly technical and scientific aspects. I also like to be a teacher to our customers in order to promote and develop environmentally friendly projects on our beautiful Mediterranean shores."

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