Our values


Créocéan is close at hand and ready to listen to all its customers regardless of the size and complexity of their projects. We form expert, streamlined, project-appropriate teams for long term cooperation. Our network of 13 national and international facilities means we can commit to long term joint projects by means of proximity to our customers and this provides us with knowledge of the context and the local players.


R&D, within scientific ethics, is in our DNA at Créocéan. Long-lasting relationships with nationally and internationally famous experts and research labs allow us to actively work on scientific knowledge of oceans and sensitive ecosystems.
We are motivated by reporting on technical and scientific challenges, daring to work in international fields under pressure.


Trust is built over time, by means of respect for the given word and the quality of our work.
Since June 2008, Créocéan has received 9 O.P.Q.I.B.I qualifications (French Engineering Qualification Organisation).
Project management has also undergone a pro-active approach intending to control risks relating to health, safety and the environment.


Thanks to joint project work and reliable, innovative technical resources, creativity and skills are highly valued. The Keran in-house school provides vocational training and monitors professional careers.


Within the Keran group, Créocéan follows an approach encompassing sustainable development and global performance.
With our customers, we seek to sustainably develop inshore and offshore activity and equipment, while limiting the impact on natural and human environments.

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