Outdoors aquarium in Papeete marina


The Autonomous Port of Papeete has mandated Creocean (as subcontractor of Pacific Ocean Scuba Services) to biologize a large fish and coral park in the Papeete marina.

The initial project : to install aquaculture cage pens to set up fish and recreate a coral reef to enhance the promenade along the wharf of the new downtown marina and allow walkers to observe animals easily.

2 rigid cages of 20m3, one of which is connected to a solar panel allowing a quicker calcification of the corals (method © Biorock) and a flexible cage of 430m3 have therefore been put in place and progressively populated. All the fish and corals come from collecting in the harbor area, on sites needing to be cleaned (slipway, walls of the loading docks, bottom of dock ...). Over 1100 fishes (20 families, 56 species) and 300 corals (6 families, 14 species) are fed daily and monitored. Coral growth is already observed after a few months of establishment, as well as a highly attractive effect of structures providing protection and food to many juveniles.
Following the success of the operation, the Autonomous Port of Papeete asked us to foresee the continuation of the operation: the transplantation of all the corals located in the old dock of the marina Taina de Punaauia before its dredging, to install them on new structures of the port of Papeete, out of cage this time.

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