Research and Development study on biodiversity in the Mahakam Delta (Indonesia)

Research and Technical Development programme aiming to provide guidelines for managing a mangrove environment in an oil exploration and production area.

Project date: 2011-2014
Customer: Total E&P, Total E&P Indonesia
Partnerships: IRD, CNRS-ECOLAB, University of Toulouse
Location: Indonesia
Reference: 12146

Creocean was in charge of:

  • Mapping the vegetation
  • Drawing up biodiversity inventories (vegetation, birds, vertebrates, marine invertebrates, fish)
  • Describing natural recolonisation processes
  • Comparing against the effectiveness of replanting operations
  • Proposing recommendations that can be applied to many mangrove sites


  • 1000 km2 of mangrove up to 1980
  • 70% destroyed between 1985 and 2000 following development of shrimp basins
  • 11%, 110 km2 of this surface area, recolonized naturally by vegetation between 2000 and 2012
  • 6.2 km2 replanted by man during the same period

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