It is vitally important to acquire high quality basic data whether this is to appreciate sedimentary movements, identify underwater obstacles, find out the geological and sedimentological nature of the sea-bed or measure the bathymetry. To do this, for many years CREOCEAN has been developing high level skills (technicians and hydrography engineers, geologists and geophysicists, etc.) working together to use materials and equipment with high expertise (mono and multi-beam probes, lateral sweep sonar, seismic reflection and refraction, sediment sounders, etc.)

Beyond this acquisition expertise, the teams have developed know-how for exploiting data and processing information in the diagnosis, implementing specific actions and carrying out subsequent planning. Consequently, in order to improve knowledge on the underwater land, to define an effective and sustainable strategy for sedimentary management and protect the coastal zones, Créocéan provides decision-makers with geologist, geophysicist and sedimentologist engineers specializing in sediment dynamics, defending coasts and acquiring mapping data.

Renewable Marine Energy

The "Grenelle of the Sea" opened up possibilities on Renewable Marine Energy. Sea-bed studies are therefore the necessary starting data to be able to set up and exploit sites with strong energy potential. Nowadays, CREOCEAN is recognized by and works for large international consortiums in this field.

Routing cables, choosing and characterizing the best paths and conditions for laying cables requires mapping tools similar to tools implemented by CREOCEAN to effectively advise on the choice of foundations for Marine Energy farms.

Improvement in knowledge of submerged land

Links between the land and underwater zones are often neglected. And yet, the processes of erosion, water circulation, navigation and access to the coastline depend closely on underwater inshore or offshore relief.

The location, qualification and quantification of underwater mineral resources

Marine aggregate extraction can only manage to respect the environment and other uses when working from a detailed analysis of deposits and how they relate to the other areas of the environment.



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