[Thesis] Environmental governance of ecological restoration projects for mangroves


Creocean welcomes Lisa Macera, freshly graduated from a master's degree in management and conservation of marine ecosystems from Sorbonne University. She joined the international team of Creocean to write a thesis under the CIFRE system for a period of 3 years. The subject of this thesis is the environmental governance of ecological restoration projects for mangroves around the world and aims at defining indicators of socio-ecosystem efficiency of restoration projects allowing better management of restoration projects, from the project selection to engineering techniques up to post-restoration monitoring. An approach that is both ecological but also social and economic, making it possible to provide innovative solutions to the management of these ecosystems.

She will be completing her thesis under the supervision of Olivier Le Brun, Creocean, and Julien Andrieu, Senior Lecturer at the Côte d'Azur University, specialist in biogeography and remote sensing. The thesis is also co-financed and carried out in close collaboration with the mangrove initiative of the FFEM (French Global Environment Fund).

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