Turbidity monitoring for Atlantic Port la Rochelle


As part of its major development projects on Chef de Baie and Anse Saint-Marc, Atlantic Port La Rochelle (La Rochelle commercial harbour) will have to carry out dredging and rock excavation campaigns. In order to be able to estimate the impacts of these operations on the natural environment, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of its conditions, and in particular of the ambient turbidity.

CREOCEAN was requested to monitore natural turbidity on both sides of the port on 4 strategic stations for a period of 2 months. As a result of these two months, a station will be monitored for an additional 10 months in order to integrate the winter events.

To meet this demand, we acquired a buoy equipped with a NKE Sambat probe with real-time data transmission and GPS localization. This buoy was anchored at the end of May 2017 off Repentie area.

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