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How does Creocean develop its business operations in East Africa?


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Creocean’s participation in the French Maritime Tour organised by Business France in Kenya and in Tanzania in July 2021 has unveiled opportunities in this geographical zone for companies wishing to take part in the Blue Economy in East Africa :
  • Tanzania offers a growth opportunity as the government focuses its politics under the lens of the Blue Economy, particularly through the development of its ports, industrial activities or fishing management and maritime activities.
  • Numerous projects come into existence in Kenya such as The Go Blue Initiative (launched in March 2021) aiming at promoting coastal maritime resources in Kenya in order to build a sustainable blue economy and create 3000 new jobs. A roadmap has been drawn up as to build a strong coastal economy (development of small-scale fishing zones, waste recycling, aquaculture or even tourism).
Taking coastal development related projects in East Africa into account, Creocean took the decision, at the end of 2021, to speed up its development through a commercial action targeting East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique) and has hired Betty ETEVE as an international volunteer internships (volontaire international en entreprise, VIE) for a duration of 12 months in Kenya starting from 01/01/2022.
This action is financed by the Nouvelle-aquitaine region.

The defined goals are:
  • Market monitoring,
  • Detection of new opportunities,
  • Participation to events and trade fairs,
  • Seeking funding,
  • Maintaining relations with stakeholders,
  • Tender responses,
  • Participation in project implementation. 
In February 2022, Creocean has taken part in an event organised by the French Chamber ofCommerce in Kenya on the theme of climate change. On that occasion, the different solutions offered by Creocean to address climate change related issues have been presented.

Creocean participated, along with KERAN from West Africa, in the Pan-African event Africités in Kisumu, Kenya in May 2022. During this event, Creocean has had the opportunity to meet new actors and to detect numerous opportunities on the African continent.

Betty ETEVE’s VIE contract will be extended throughout 2023. Indeed, commercial opportunities in this zone were confirmed by the signature of two first contracts, one in Kenya, and another in Mozambique.



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Comment Créocéan développe-t-elle ses activités commerciales en Afrique de l’Est ?

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How does Creocean develop its business operations in East Africa?

creocean actus VIE Kenya_1000x583

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