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[Project] 3D modeling of La Passe de Longogori (“S” shaped pass)


creocean actus Mayotte_1000x583_1
3D modeling of La Passe de Longogori (“S” shaped pass), coral heritage of the Mayotte Marine Natural Park

The CREOCEAN and CREOCEAN INDIAN OCEAN teams are currently on a mission in Mayotte to carry out a multibeam bathymetric mapping of the entire Longogori S-shaped pass, as well as a 3D modeling by photogrammetry of several sites representative of the richness and diversity of this site.

Today, new technologies developed within the framework of R&D programs allow us to study, in a more relevant way, the structure and dynamics of coral ecosystems and to follow them over time in a precise manner.

Among them, the 3D reconstruction of the seabed by multibeam echosounder, and underwater photogrammetry make it possible to map these ecosystems with high resolution, producing digital media, 3D models, digital elevation models and orthomosaics for the study of the environment.

These renderings are also attractive for communication and awareness actions.
creocean actus Mayotte_1000x583_1
creocean actus Mayotte_1000x583_2
creocean actus Mayotte_1000x583_3
creocean actus Mayotte_1000x583_4
creocean actus Mayotte



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