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Climate Change Adaptation


Offering suitable solutions

To ensure effective responses to current and future climate warming, significant rises in sea level, the intensification of extreme events, coastal erosion, and coral bleaching, it is vital that we urgently establish a more resilient and environmentally friendly society in terms of organisation and urban development.

As a consultancy company specialised in marine environment, CREOCEAN provides a comprehensive services solution bringing scientific knowledge on climate change to project owners. We provide strategic support on issues of development and planning on different scales and propose the implementation of appropriate adaptation options.

This involves the following types of expertise:
  • Technical: Assessing the physical impact of climate change on the environment
  • Social & economic: Assessing the impact of climate change on local people
  • Geopolitical: Proposing coherent adaptation strategies
Through a process of workshops encouraging thinking, discussion, and participative collaboration between all concerned stakeholders, we provide climate change vulnerability assessments for coastal areas, hazard assessments, coastal defence system design, and studies on coastal flooding, integrated coastal erosion management, in France and worldwide.



  • creocean-projet-assistance-techinque-PROGEP-140370_692X692

    Technical assistance for implementation of PROGEP activities (stormwater management project)


    SENEGAL - Sub-Saharan Africa and Indian ocean

  • creocean_projet_valorisation_recifs_coralliens_Pointe_Sable_180443_692X692

    Preparation of guidelines and coral reef enhancement plan for PSEPA


    SAINT LUCIA - Latin America and Caribbean

  • projets dimensionnement ouvrage et analyse impact hydrosédimentaire

    Sea plaza hotel protection dike: dimensioning and hydrosediment impact assessment


    SENEGAL - Sub-Saharan Africa and Indian ocean

  • projets réhabilitation des plages de Ports-Salut_692x692

    Port-Salut beaches rehabilitation


    HAITI - Latin America and Caribbean