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Coastal development


Strengthening understanding of coastal issues

Coastal development refers to any modification of the natural environment by deliberate human action. It includes projects like harbour developments, discharges of wastewater treatment plants, landfalls, dredging, coastal erosion defence systems, seafront developments and the restoration of natural spaces along the coastline.

For a consultancy company providing environmental, engineering and planning services in marine and coastal environment such as CREOCEAN, coastal planning studies must consider all physical processes affecting the coastline, from meteorological to oceanographic ones. The goal is to assess how the environment will respond to the planned changes and find ways to minimise the impacts of development within the coastal environment.

The scope of possible projects and studies is vast and gathers an extremely wide range of competences. This calls for a variety of specialist profiles in physical oceanography, coastal engineering, environment, marine biology, civil engineering, technical drawing, and the supervision of maritime works.

CREOCEAN, in association with other companies within the KERAN group where necessary, can provide turnkey development projects, from feasibility studies to the execution of works, through design and environmental authorisation applications. CREOCEAN’s engineers and technicians have access to a range of tools to assist them with scientific measurements and calculations and optimise their work.

Within a context of climate related sea level rise, the concepts of sustainable development (particularly the principles of construction in harmony with nature), and coastal resilience are a key focus of the work carried out by CREOCEAN.



  • creocean-projet-assistance-techinque-PROGEP-140370_692X692

    Technical assistance for implementation of PROGEP activities (stormwater management project)


    SENEGAL - Sub-Saharan Africa and Indian ocean

  • projets dimensionnement ouvrage et analyse impact hydrosédimentaire

    Sea plaza hotel protection dike: dimensioning and hydrosediment impact assessment


    SENEGAL - Sub-Saharan Africa and Indian ocean

  • creocean_projet_bathymetrie_profondeur_enfouissement_cable_CIRCE_200699_692X692

    Monitoring of the bathymetry and the burial depth of Viatel submarine cable


    Somme (80) - France

  • projets potentiel développement éoliennes offshore flottant_692x692

    Study of the development potential of floating offshore wind turbines


    Guadeloupe (971) - Latin America and Caribbean