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Industrial offshore projects


Preserving the environment during the implementation of industrial projects

We can intervene at all stages of a project:
  • Environmental Baseline Study (EBS)
  • Design of Avoid, Reduce or Compensate measures (impact study)
  • Monitoring of operating impacts and design of adaptation measures
Environmental Baseline Studies can take the form of seabed mapping, studies of the quality of the marine environment, or inventories of fauna and flora. They are conducted both close to the coast and offshore, at shallow depths as well as in very great depths.

At the design stage and depending on the data collected during the initial assessment, CREOCEAN works with contracting authorities to prevent projects from affecting the marine environment. The objective is to avoid negative impacts. If this is not possible, we must strive for impact reduction and lastly intelligent compensation.

Monitoring is carried out once the industrial project is complete. This involves conducting various studies on different compartments of the marine environment to estimate the impact of operations.

These controls vary in terms of sampling effort or frequency, size of project and the requirements of each country.

CREOCEAN teams work both nationally and internationally for private industrial operators or public entities:
  • Chemical industry
  • Petroleum industry
  • Extraction of marine aggregates
  • Cable industry
  • Marine Renewable Energies
  • Commercial ports
  • Aquaculture



  • creocean_projet_etat_initial_forages_exploration_CI_705_706_200643_692X692

    EBS Studies for Exploration Wells preparation CI-705 and CI-706 in Ivory Coast


    IVORY COAST - Sub-Saharan Africa and Indian ocean

  • creocean_projet_bathymetrie_profondeur_enfouissement_cable_CIRCE_200699_692X692

    Monitoring of the bathymetry and the burial depth of Viatel submarine cable


    Somme (80) - France

  • creocean_projet_campagne_geophysique_160632E_692X692

    Pilot Farm establishment for Floating Wind Turbines off the Languedoc Coast: Geophysical Campaign


    Aude (11) - France

  • creocean_projet_effluents_station_epuration_maera_150312_692X692

    Monitoring of the receiving environment of the Maera wastewater treatment plant effluent outfalls


    Hérault (34) - France