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Marine Renewable Energies


From the selection of suitable zones to authorisation applications, assessing all marine compartments

The term Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) covers a great number of solutions for generating power from resources at sea. These solutions include offshore wind farms, tidal stream turbines, wave energy converters, Sea Water Air Conditioning (SWAC) technology, sea water heating systems and more.

CREOCEAN is involved in all sorts of nearshore and offshore projects, to assess all compartments of the marine environment, from the sub-surface to the water column and the seabed (sediment and hard substrate).

CREOCEAN assists both private and public project owners, throughout the entire project life cycle, from the selection of project sites based on environmental conditions, until operating phases to provide environmental monitoring.

Our services also include field surveys to assess the initial conditions of a site, regulatory studies, authorisation applications, managing public consultation and carrying out environmental monitoring of works and infrastructure once up and running.

Due to our previous ties with IFREMER (French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea), we are constantly seeking new ideas for the development and implementation of innovative solutions.

With CREOCEAN, the MRE project owners have the complete range of skills in all marine environment related fields and at all stages of projects, either as a technical coordinator or as a provider of technical expertise itself.



  • projets potentiel développement éoliennes offshore flottant_692x692

    Study of the development potential of floating offshore wind turbines


    Guadeloupe (971) - Latin America and Caribbean

  • creocean_projet_campagne_geophysique_160632E_692X692

    Pilot Farm establishment for Floating Wind Turbines off the Languedoc Coast: Geophysical Campaign


    Aude (11) - France

  • creocean_projet_energies_renouvelables_nouvelle_caledonie_170656_692X692

    Study of potentials marine renewable energies


    NEW CALEDONIA - Asia and Pacific

  • creocean_projet_reconnaissance_bathymétrique_hydrolienne_paimpol_raz_blanchard_170876_692X692

    Bathymetric survey prior to the installation of tidal turbines


    Armor Coast (22) - France