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Biodiversity and environmental protection


Marine biodiversity: diagnostic tool and preservation target

Analysing biodiversity in a marine ecosystem is an essential step in assessing its state of health. That is why CREOCEAN frequently carries out marine species sampling and marine fauna and flora inventories in all types of marine environments, from coastal areas (estuaries, lagoons, mangroves, etc.) to the greatest depths (abyssal zones).

The techniques that we employ vary according to the nature and the depth of the seabed:
  • Visual inventories by a scuba diver
  • Species counts
  • Monitoring along transects of seagrass beds or coral reefs
  • Deep sea sampling using grabs or corers
  • Use of remote control vehicles, etc.
These operations are carried out in the context of environmental monitoring required under the Water Framework Directive (WFD) or Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD), or in order to monitor the state of an environment before, during and after a maritime development project, on the coastline or offshore (harbour development, dredging, drilling, cable laying, MRE, etc.).

All main biological compartments are generally investigated: plankton, benthic organisms, fish, birds, turtles, marine mammals, etc.

The aim of these assessments is to identify the ecological functions of environments, their dynamics, their biological and patrimonial value and their sensitivity to anthropogenic disturbance. The results can be used for initiatives aimed at offsetting human impacts or the ecological restoration of environments.



  • creocean_projet_valorisation_recifs_coralliens_Pointe_Sable_180443_692X692

    Preparation of guidelines and coral reef enhancement plan for PSEPA


    SAINT LUCIA - Latin America and Caribbean

  • creocean_projet_etat_initial_forages_exploration_CI_705_706_200643_692X692

    EBS Studies for Exploration Wells preparation CI-705 and CI-706 in Ivory Coast


    IVORY COAST - Sub-Saharan Africa and Indian ocean

  • creocean_projet_effluents_station_epuration_maera_150312_692X692

    Monitoring of the receiving environment of the Maera wastewater treatment plant effluent outfalls


    Hérault (34) - France

  • creocean_projet_etat_initial_champs_petrolier_171008_692X692

    Environmental Baseline Study - Al Shaheen oil field, Qatar


    QATAR - North Africa and Middle East