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Responsibility at the heart of our strategy

Based on extensive experience worldwide and on its multidisciplinary scientific background, CREOCEAN has developed a pragmatic approach to the sustainable development of coastal and maritime zones.
For each of our projects, the solutions CREOCEAN provides aim to address two key concerns:
  • The preservation of human and natural legacies: Rare species, biodiversity and ecosystems, coastal and submarine landscapes require careful management to ensure sustainability
  • The harmonious sustainable development of coastal and maritime activities: Any urban, industrial, port, or tourism development may have an effect on surrounding activities. CREOCEAN endeavours to prevent harmful impacts and conflicts between different activities by striving for the rational management of coastal and marine resources.
Protection of natural environment

All CREOCEAN staff are involved on a daily basis in assignments related to developing and preserving maritime and coastal areas, in particular their plant and animal life, or in natural environment restoration. We act to protect the natural environment in most of our projects linked to territorial development and offshore or coastal industrial facilities. With a people-centred approach, our priority is to contribute to projects that have a positive impact on society and the environment, in keeping with our Corporate Social Responsibility commitments.

Well-being of employees

Employees are at the very heart of our company strategy and culture. Supporting their well-being and promoting diversity and equality are daily concerns for us (employee satisfaction and gender equality are rated every year). Furthermore, all staff are encouraged to take initiatives through participation in the company’s many cross-cutting and collaborative projects (R&D and Innovation lab, Keran in-company school).

Responsible purchasing

“Buying and spending more responsibly to help achieve a sustainable economy” is the guiding principle of this commitment, which is reflected in our creation of a responsible purchasing department. Our reflections on the ethical assessment of our projects and our involvement in the DRO and Ruptur networks (business networks promoting a responsible and sustainable economy for tomorrow’s regions) also highlight the ethical values that drive us.


Professional quality index

Gender quality is a central issue both for French government and at CREOCEAN. In this regard, the French law “for the freedom to choose one’s professional future” invites companies to calculate and publish an annual gender quality index, to highlight the level of inequalities between men and women in companies.
For 2020, CREOCEAN’s score was 72/100, based on the four criteria below:
  • Difference in pay: 31/40
  • Difference in individual pay rises: 25/35
  • Pay rises in the year of return from maternity leave: not rated
  • Parity among the top 10 earners: 5/10
Actions are already being implemented to make men and women more equal and to positively improve our score for the coming years.