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Over 30 years of experience providing multidisciplinary expertise worldwide!

Since its creation, CREOCEAN has supported clients around the world on projects related to coastal and offshore environments. CREOCEAN has completed a long list of international assignments, including data acquisition and processing (oceanographic and bathymetric surveys and habitat and sensitivity mapping), Environmental Baseline Studies (EBS) and Environmental Impact Studies (EIE), general environmental assessments (biodiversity assessments and restoration for example) as well as development plans and planning schemes for the following regions:
  • Mediterranean Sea
  • Atlantic Ocean (North and South)
  • Channel and North Sea
  • Caribbean Sea
  • Red Sea
  • Indian Ocean
  • Pacific Ocean
  • Persian Gulf
  • Southeast Asia
To achieve strong international development, CREOCEAN has established a number of overseas subsidiaries (including CREOCEAN Océan Indien) and representation offices. It also benefits from the presence of Keran’s international entities.

A 12-person team with wide-ranging profiles and experience, led by the Deputy Chief Executive Officer for International development, Eric DUTRIEUX, are involved in preparing international bids and executing the contracts we have won. Thanks to this team, we are able to meet the needs of private and public clients, including projects financed by major public donors such as the EU Commission, European Investment Bank, World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, African Development Bank….