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Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) at CREOCEAN


Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) at CREOCEAN


Victor Hugo said “The sea is a place of rigour and freedom. To lose rigour is to lose freedom”.

Thanks to its commitment to occupational health and safety and the effective steps  taken, CREOCEAN was certified OHSAS 18001 in July 2018.

CREOCEAN has now begun the migration to the ISO 45001 certification.

More than ever, health, safety and quality of life at work are at the centre of our concerns.

In all our activities and for all staff, the health and safety of people and protecting the environment are our priorities.
CREOCEAN has established a charter setting out the company’s HSE policy

Preventing and managing occupational health and safety risks and contributing to the protection of the environment are components of our Performance Management System. 

This process is incorporated into all activities performed by CREOCEAN in France and around the world. Over time, we have developed an organised operating method:

  • Plan: Identification of risks at the earliest stage. This means all possible risks faced during the assignment, at the office or while travelling, for all staff, clients and third parties involved.
  • Do: Prevention is at the core of our system. Every new team member takes part in an awareness session. We communicate regularly on health and safety with our whole team via HSE messages.
  • Check: Our strength lies in the creation of an Implementation and Execution Plan, which is submitted to the HSE unit, for every assignment.
  • Act: With a view to constantly improving: our actions are controlled internally and externally.
The environment is at the heart of our commitments.
The design of our environmental policy and our management system are essential to our focus on improving working conditions and our mission to ensure that our actions are positive for the climate and biodiversity. To achieve these goals we:
  • are party to the Charter of Commitment for engineering companies in the environmental assessment field
  • have created our own sustainable development charter
  • calculated our first company-wide carbon footprint score in 2019
  • have set up a Corporate Social Responsibility working group to coordinate our environmental action plan
  • have created a carbon impact indicator to highlight our involvement in projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the source, and an environment indicator to measure our influence in reducing the negative environmental impacts of projects
  • have developed teleworking arrangements and encouraged video conferences to reduce our carbon footprint and improve the quality of work of our staff.